Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I haven't updated for ages. Since, christmas. I'll certainly call it a while.
Anyways. January 4th was my birthday. Yay. Uh, yeah.
It wasn't too special or anything. But it did thrill me when my old friends came to give me a surprise and when my high school friends gave me this certain shirt with a whole bunch of signatures. Coolies' signatures, obvi. *Tries to laugh. Failing.*

Here comes the part where i ACTUALLY have to tell you what's going on.....

The usual scedaddle, I feel spontaneously lifeless recently. People say i'm no fun anymore. Shucks. My dad did, anyways. It depressed me for a few days. Wait. I am, still.
All i can think about is February.
And no. It's not because of some so called lame Valentine event.
17th February. I'll probably puke my saliva all over the place. And i'll probably have 11 cats scratching my insides. I can't even find the exact words of how i actually am feeling about the event. I'll probably fall off a cliff. And wolves will find me. Fuq yes.
Anyways. It's this sacral moment where me and the other 16 people is seriously tested. I sweat like a freaking cow everytime i think about it. Okay i was over-exaggerating about the cow shit.

Yeah. Wish me luck for this thing.
Seriously, wish me luck.
And could someone give me a fucking life? I'll pay you, thankyou oh so much.